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Why is System Design Preparation needed ?

Recent interview process put a lot of emphasis on System Design. Good performance in System Design interviews shows that you are able enough to work in the position. It also improves your chances of securing a higher salary.
Generally, people struggle with System Design interviews. There could be many reasons for it.
Some reasons are :

  1. Due to inexperience in developing large scale applications
  2. Never thought of why we are choosing certain APIs/process/Code structure/endpoints

Generally, such interviews are open-ended. There may be many right solutions to the problem. It all depends on how you see the problem, how you approach and how you explain your solution with your point of view to the interviewer. As I said there is no one correct answer to the problem, one should be good enough with design patterns to generally be able to think of a solution to the problems.

Requirements for cracking a System Design Interview :

  1. Good hold of System Design Patterns.
  2. Good in Object Oriented Programming.
  3. Able to apply the Design patterns to real world problems.

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